2 Feb 2009


Snowfall in England today is heavy – by English standards of course. Snowfall is predicted to be the worst in 18 years. At the moment, outside my house is possibly about 8 or 9 inches, and more is falling steadily.

Looking at the BBC one would see how this amount is crippling the country, shutting down schools and businesses, and even the airports. Not to mention the accidents on the roadway, and deaths. Yes, 2 persons have been found frozen to death.

My thought ran to how the Canadians must be laughing at us. Canadian snowfall is considerably heavier, and in a place where temperatures drop to about -30°C, a pitiful -1°C is not even worth yawning over.

So how would England deal with a Canadian snowfall? It’s anyone’s guess. My guess? Not good.

Snow 1

Snow 2

Snow 3

Snow 4

These photos were taken with my Skype phone this morning at 9 AM.