28 Mar 2009

Bafflement, backbone and bikinis

It has been a long-time sense I have written anything about dunceys.  Maybe I have been trying to avoid facing the reality of their dotishness, or maybe they just haven't been in the news at all much except for the idiocy of tint crackdowns. Still, this morning I could not help but notice a particular article printed in the Newsday that highlights a duncey who for 30 years has remained a constable!  I am not sure what to make of this.

Is he perhaps too stupid to advance?  Does he lack qualifications?  Is he unable to learn and therefore promote himself?  Does he have three O-levels?  So many questions, so few answers.  What exactly do you make of a man who for 30 years remained at exactly the same position he started off?  I shake my head in bafflement.

In another unrelated thought I am thinking to myself that Papa-tricks must be rueing the day that he signed approval for Carla Brown-Antoine to become the next Director of Public Prosecutions.  This morning she has shown some backbone and some independence in publicly stating that "the conduct of Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira and Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams warrants investigation".

It is only a matter of time before political  clout and pressure forces her to back down and recant her position. Since our Christian autocrat has publicly supported this minister, eventually no investigation will be done, or any investigation will be buried.  This issue is just another fart in the wind!

On the other hand the government led by Papa-tricks seems really determined to get Keith Rowley at any cost, inclusive of spending money re-investigating time and time again the same Cleaver Woods project. First the Integrity Commission cleared Rowley, and the High Court and then Forensic engineer Gerry McCaffrey but now a third payment is being made to Bob Lindquist to investigate the same project.

By the way, the information that McCaffrey found was apparently supposed to be ‘sanitised’ before being put out in the public domain:

The Government's lawyers wrote yesterday that "Mr McCaffrey ought to have consulted with the Honourable (Housing) Minister before he addressed Cleaver Heights in the manner in which he did in his report".

I guess Rowley just does not look as good in a bikini!