12 Mar 2009

Brindley Place


This is Punks standing at the entrance to Brindley Place. Brindley Place is very beautiful, and stands just behind The Rep (a theatre) at the beginning of Broad  Street. Broad Street is also the area where most of the clubs and bars are located, i.e. the ‘liming’ area as we say in Trini parlance.

Entrance 2

This photo is a bit further on, about level where you see the man walking in the first photo. Punks is in front, and my friend R from Trinidad is at the back of her.

First Square

This is the first square that you see when walking into Brindley Place. The trees are pink and white cherry blossom trees.

First Square 2

That’s Punks walking alongside a drain with running water. Embedded in the ground are coloured lights that come on at night to give a whole new appearance to the square.

Waterfront apartments

These waterfront apartments are some of the most expensive in Birmingham.


These flowers are in front of the war memorial.

These photos show some of my favourite places in the city, especially when one has time to just stroll and take it in.