13 Mar 2009

England, TV and Food

I seldom does watch TV here in England, but the times I do is if I hanging out by a friend who happen to have dey TV on, or if I outside in a pub or some place like that…

Now, the main reason I doh watch TV is because even though I living here in England bout 6 years now, I have to say, I find English TV (or telly as dey say here) real boring, and is only so much documentary about old stone (i.e. ancient buildings) and house selling I could take before feeling like ah old stone mehself. I not ah history buff and ah 2000 years old stone castle is still old stone to me, sorry. I just interested in how nice de photos look. (^_~)

Sadly, the most exciting shows come from America (never thought I’da be praising dem) but yeah, I am a fan of House MD, CSI, Smallville, NCIS, Law & Order etc. Although to be fair, I hear they have a Law & Order UK now, but still, the idea come from America.

On the other hand, most game shows in America seem to have originated in the UK, but since I doh really watch dem thing, I ent bothering about dem.

I do like some of the older ‘classic’ British comedies, because when it comes to humour, especially wid playing on language, the English beat everybody back, so things like ‘Allo ‘Allo, Are You Being Served?, Goodness Gracious Me, etc really is old classics in truth. I give credit where it is due, you know.

Anyway, so much fuh de background… the purpose of this post is really to tell allyuh something ah see on TV yesterday by meh friend.

It have ah cooking show here, called Celebrity Chefs or something like that (I didn pay attention to the name much since it had already started when I reach meh friend house), where they pair up some amateur cooks wid a pro, and then put them to cook through a series of dishes, wid de poor performers getting booted out. Reality TV anyone?

Anyhow, I by meh friend yesterday, and I see this lil ting: one of the cooks prepared some lamb, and he have to put sauce on it, serving it up in a real restaurant which apparently was the challenge yesterday, to cook under pressure for people waiting for dey meals.

Anyhow, Mr Man pouring de sauce and mess up de nice white plates with some spots ah de sauce falling carelessly on de edge etc, and de Chef (de big pro dey does call Chef as a sign ah respect apparently) ask him if he going to serve it wid de plate dirty, if he go like to be served like that in a restaurant.

Wait for it…. de man LICK HE HAND TOWEL and WIPE DE SPOTS OFF. From all ah de plates. Licking and wiping till de spots come off. So de plates look nice and white again.

Now I ent know about allyuh, but to know a cook in a elite restaurant (or any restaurant) could be so dutty and then serve me food in a plate wid s/he nasty saliva sticking to it, well, that too disgusting for me to even think about, much less eat out again. Man, next time, I going to where I could see meh food prepared in front meh eye.

The really sad part, sadder than that nastiness, is that NO ONE THOUGHT IT NASTY, so dey did not even edit that stinkness out of the show.

Man, ah could imagine how many Anonymous people going to tell meh if I doh like the poor English hygiene to feck off back to Trinidad. (^_^)