21 Mar 2009

In the running again

Hmm, it seems to be a rather normal thing now for PNM mental lightweights to throw their political heavy weights around.

Remember Papa-tricks and the radio incident? Then we had the incident with PC Auguste which ended today with poor PC Auguste getting his arse fired. Talk about heavy weight political clout…

And of course, Neil Parsanlal also got in on the act, having a security guard transferred after she had the temerity to ask him why he was breaching security protocols at the Board of Inland Revenue.

According to the man’s own words:

... Ms (name called) did not acknowledge me when I entered the building, she was on the telephone when I entered the building. I was already proceeding up the stairs when she asked me, 'Where you going?' I told her I was going to see someone."

Didn’t you know it was YOUR duty to check with security when you entered the building? Even if the woman was on the phone, did you know what manner of call she was on, or you just assumed she was gossiping? Did you not have the  patience or the time to stand for a few minutes there and wait till she was finished, or politely asked for excuse?

Parsie boy, you carry the Indian surname but you surely don’t have the good manners and humility inherent with the majority of the tribe. You behave with some kind of wajang behaviour there, almost similar to the kind that reputedly got your colleague fired.

Parsie boy, it had a time you was in my race card for being the biggest arse in Trinidad, but then Imbert-cile and de big bossman demselves come rushing to take over and dey did leave yuh far, far behind. Doh worry tho, wid this one, you in de running again. Yuh back with a bang as dey say.