25 Mar 2009

The Pledge of Allegiance


By Marjorie Padmore

I solemnly pledge
To dedicate my life
To the service of my God
And my country.
I will honour
My parents, my teachers,
My leaders and my elders
And those in authority.
I will be Clean and honest
In all my thoughts,
My words and my deeds.
I will strive In everything I do
To work together with my fellowmen
Of every creed and race
For the greater happiness of all
And the honour and glory
Of my country.

When I was a schoolboy in primary school we had to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day before the start of the day. Somehow that all stopped at secondary school.

I sincerely believe that the practice of reciting this oath should resume and that it should continue at secondary school daily and that this should be compulsory.  It should also be mandatory that it be repeated by all politicians from local government level to parliamentarians on a daily basis.

Perhaps then we may not have the crap that we witness daily from our so-called leaders and which make us a laughing stock to the whole world. Do you think it would make a difference?