9 Mar 2009

Unknown but still beautiful

Unknown building

I never got the name of this building, but it is on the bus route to Stratford-upon-Avon  (birthplace of William Shakespeare) from Birmingham. The building looks much like a summer home for some past gentry, and may have been turned into a museum of sorts by now.

I was rather surprised to see how well this turned out, since I took it from a fast-moving bus going around a corner; I had just a couple of seconds to get this photo.

This photo is an excellent example of why I prefer Canon cameras for my everyday shots.


Canal Boat

These canal boats are on the Avon River in Stratford. People live on these boats throughout the year. In Birmingham, near Brindley Place, some have been converted to floating restaurants, and others to tourist attractions giving tours around the canals. Have I mentioned that Birmingham has more canals than Venice?


Cannon Hill Park

This is a photo of Cannon Hill Park in summer. I have a lot of pictures from this park, since it is one of Punk’s favourite place to visit.


mealsEnglish dinner at the Malthouse Pub (2 meals for £10). The last plate has a roast chicken dinner, the middle has an Indian curry with naan bread and chips,  and the foreground shows scampi and chips with peas.

For my highly attuned taste buds, English meals are rather bland and tasteless. Still doesn’t prevent the cocky SOBs from arguing with the French as to who has the better cuisine though.