8 Mar 2009

Yet another boring post

It’s a very gloomy day here today. The sun has refused to peep out even, and the weather looks like rain. One of those days where you walk out without an umbrella and you will regret it within minutes, since the weather seems to plan for you – as long as your hands are bereft of that umbrella it pours down.

My friend George from Southampton is in Trinidad. Lucky devil spent yesterday catching up on old times with my family. George was born in the UK, but grew up in Trinidad since he was about 5 years old, and most of that time was running away from his home to come and spend days on end at my home. I guess the habit is still there, though I hope he did inform his mother this time. (^_^)

I was thinking about going out today, if not to the movies then a nature walk to see what wild flowers I can find. The weather makes this an ‘iffy’ thought at best. Instead I am going to clean out my living room and kitchen.

Here’s a little tip: I mop with boiling water. Why? Well, it raises any dirt stuck to the floor easily, much like a steam vacuum in action, and it also dries within minutes. Ever notice when you take an egg out of boiling water, the shell dries in seconds? Same principle, the water just evaporates as it is already at boiling point. No water left behind then to soak through tiles or into a wooden floor.

Jellybean bull

I was able to get a better photo of the jellybean bull at the Bullring Mall recently.

OverpassThis is a photo of the overpass being built at the junction where the north-south and east-west highways meet, near Nestlé. This photo was taken by my sister, so full credit goes to her.

Air hockey

This is a photo of my nephew in Gulf city playing air hockey upstairs in the arcade. He is actually quite good, better than me.