15 Apr 2009

And the first place goes to…

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."

Mark Twain

I wish in some way, I could print this on a billboard, and put that billboard in the front lawn of Mariano Browne’s house, so that he sees it as he leaves his home for work every day. Maybe also put one where he can view it from his office window too.

Just in case readers are wondering what I am talking about, hop over to here and check this out.

Panic erupted yesterday at the International Financial Centre in Port-of-Spain, when the building in which the National Secretariat of the Fifth Summit of the Americas is located was evacuated, after a power failure. People got stuck in elevators, as others made a "mad rush" for the emergency exits, said a man who was on the 13th floor at the time. However, the incident was later described as an "unofficial and unscripted fire drill," by head of the ministerial committee for the summit, Minister of Trade Mariano Browne.

"What we had today was an unofficial, unscripted test of how the system would work and I am pleased to say that the system performed, and that all the necessary responses you would require in such a situation took place and we are happy about that," he said.

Guess what Mariano? This is a scripted text that says you cocked up good and proper and that no matter how much spin you try to put on it, it really is recognised as a cock up.

Why didn’t you come right out and say it was T&TEC’s fault? Man, everybody woulda believe you and yuh wouldna sound like an arse. we all know what T&TEC like.

I think you just beat back Tattoo for first place in the jackass race, oui.