10 Apr 2009

A bedtime story

Punks requested a story at bedtime last night; she prefers my made-up stories to the ones in books, even those by famous children authors such as Enid Blyton, CS Lewis etc. This is what she got.

Once, the rabbit, the frog and the crab had a race to settle who was fastest.

The rabbit hopped away, and so did the frog, hopping along as quick as they can.

The crab however, scuttled sideways.

The End

I know, some might feel she was cheated, or that she could have had a ‘proper’ story with a definite beginning, middle and end and with perhaps a meaningful moral thrown in.

However, the little stories like this make her giggle to no end, and then criticize why it is ‘wrong’, so yes, it is used as a learning aid, even at bedtime.