14 Apr 2009


Over the past several days, I have been involved in several different areas of research/study. Mainly for my own edification, I usually research things that intrigue me. Oddly enough, these odd bits of information do come in useful in the most unexpected times.

I mentioned that I began to learn Photoshop. Then yesterday, I found a tutorial I had on Adobe Acrobat Pro, and began to run through that. Linking these two software to what I know about others, I realised that under the hood so to speak, there are many complexities that a lot of users aren’t even aware of. Thousands of different complexities in some cases. Yes, I do investigate the complexities, and try my best to understand them.

This morning though, I was reading a PDF file I had stored away and didn’t even know I had… and realised it also came under the title of complexities.

The title of the PDF is… wait for it… SEX SECRETS: how to turn a woman on.

Sure, I’ve been doing okay in that department for a number of years, but the complexities I mentioned is always there. It was a reminder that men and women are made up differently, physically (the obvious) and mentally (the hidden).

Occasionally, we men take relationships for granted, and expect our womenfolk to be there once and always (after you have wooed and won of course). Not so. With women, it’s a constant battle. In other words, you have to keep wooing, and keeping up with her ideas (not yours) of romance. Invention is the child of necessity.

I think this article this morning reminded me of some things that get  neglected over some time. The most important one I realised is communication. Women love communication. I guess that explains those phone bills and hours on the airwaves, in part of course. (^_^)

They love surprises, and anticipations. We men can go 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Not women. They prefer patience and anticipation. The funny thing is, over the years, I have played (with great success I might add) to women’s ‘weaknesses’ and yet, when it comes to falling in love and building that one special relationship, I forgot all I learnt. Then again, being a man, I guess my head is just as hard as most of my kind.

I guess it boils down to the complexities once more. The upside is the invention of Boolean Algebra. Complexities can be simplified. (^_~)