21 Apr 2009

A random commentary

These days, in keeping with my new mantra since January of course, I’ve not been keeping too close an eye on the media in Trinidad and Tobago. After all, there is only so much murders, rapes, kidnapping, corruption and duncey dotishness one can take in before going loco.

I guess the Summit had a few good points coming out of it. For the first time, we saw what efficiency with which the place could be cleaned. We saw paint, paving, water blasting applied with unusual diligence, and I heard (but obviously can’t confirm yet) that even the drains in PoS were cleaned miraculously, something Tattoo was denying could happen (and making excuses for) for years!

I haven’t seen the berm around the Beetham, (maybe ‘Scene could help out here) but now that the Summit went downhill, will it remain, or will it be removed in time to win votes for the Local Gov’t Election (whenever it is called, it’s been in Limbo so long)? Does it prevent the citizens from eking out their meagre livelihood (by raiding the dump)?

Last night, I watched a video clip, a comedy sketch, of a comedian (whose name I forgot) who pointed out a rather illogical situation: the UK is £50B (so I gathered from the sketch, I could be wrong) in debt so the Prime Minister is borrowing £180B to clear that debt. As he pointed out, that’s like going to the bank and saying “I am in debt to the sum of £50M, can you lend me £180M to bail me out?”

While the good news predicted is that the UK economy will rise next year, the bad news is that job loss will continue to mount to a ‘massive’ 3 million persons. And most, if not all will be on the benefit system, causing a further tax drain on the working class.

The recession is actually doing some good for certain companies. People have to eat, and Tesco, one of the ‘big four’ supermarkets in the UK, has this morning revealed a pre-tax profit of £3.13B.

Its sales topped £1bn a week for the first time…

Yep, one company’s profits can run Trinidad and Tobago for a year. Well, maybe not, not if Papa-tricks at the helm, and Calder Hart still running UDeCOTT.

All in all, despite the circumstances we face daily, I guess we have to filch what positives we can, lest we go mad.