14 Apr 2009


I am sure we all have regrets. I can imagine how many of us do, and the ones who say they have none must be lying to themselves and to us. I know I have some regrets, not an awful lot, but they are there nevertheless.

Recently I made a big boo-boo and I hurt a friend’s feeling for something I said in a moment I wasn’t really thinking straight. No, it is not Pagli of whom I speak, this is another friend whom I have known several years.

Being a typical man, which means I don’t see things until they hit me like a cricket bat upside the head, I am rather embarrassed to say the entire  situation was my fault…

My friend now is incommunicado, so even apologising has been a bit… difficult. However, I pride myself on finding solutions and I will find a way, even if I have to ask for help (HELP!!!).

I think in retrospect that my friend’s silence means I hurt her feelings a great deal, though I really hope that some way I can make it up to her. I am hoping that the mark of true friendship means that she will recognise I made a genuine error and that friendship means forgiveness sometimes.

Yes, I am not quite ready to sack this friend, who has done nothing to hurt me.