28 Apr 2009

Some more crap today!

Well, well, well. The Machel Montano debacle is raising its ugly head once more. There has been little in the news about this trial, so I cannot get the gist of which way the wind is blowing. Something tells me though that despite putting a man in the hospital in a coma after assaulting him, Machel and his cronies will be set free.  After all he is a Cultural Ambassador, don't you know?  I wonder if his performance in front of Obama will influence the outcome of the trial?

What is Trinidad and Tobago coming to when 12-year-old children (just barely older than Punks) can be shot down mercilessly like a maddened pitbull? Have criminals become so hardened that they wage war on children now?

One wonders what is the purpose of having approximately 7000 dunceys in the country, when they cannot prevent or investigate crime but rather indulge in criminal acts themselves, such as stealing from low level criminals.

April is a month of uncertain weather here in England.  So far this April has seen a lot of rain, with occasional periods of sunshine.  Last year, when my friend R was here on a visit from Trinidad she was fortunate (from her point of view) to see sun, rain, hail and snow while she was there. My grouse is that yesterday the rain fell so hard that it beat down my plants into the ground.

The good news is that the new Wolverine movie is opening tonight and Star Trek a few days from now!