27 Apr 2009

Some more photos


I took this photo of a strawberry (the first from my plant which lived on my windowsill until I put it outside) some time ago.

Apple tree

The apple tree at the corner is putting out the first leaves.

Apple in bloom

More importantly, it is putting forth flowers already. (^_^)

Old pub

This pub is probably well over a hundred years old. It sits outside a very modern mall, The Windmills, in Cape Hill. Mitchell & Butlers was an old brewery that is now defunct and the premises have been converted into…

M & B Homes

… new houses. These 2-bedroom homes have been put on the market at roughly £75,000 each.


Coming home from taking Punks to the movies yesterday (we saw Race to Witch Mountain), my neighbour Keith pointed out this tiny plant hiding among long grasses in the lawn. He says it is increasingly rare to see this flower in England. The name? Cowslips.

Yellow Cowslips

I took the photo because this weekend, the lawn will be cut and it will be gone.