15 Apr 2009

Still trying a ting


A friend sent me this photo some time ago to see if I could do any repairs to it. Now, as I said before, I am a complete novice with Photoshop and Paintshop Pro, and was going about this little repair all the wrong way.

Still, I would like to think I made a little headway.

Family 3

I am not so adept at repairing the face and neck yet, especially since the original photo is so damaged that I have no idea what the features should look like. Of course, I am not done yet, and will keep trying as I learn more and more.

Getting rid of the masking tape over the shoe was a problem and took me ages, since the shoe heel was almost completely hidden. The neck and collar of the T-shirt was another area I spent quite a lot of time on. The neck in particular still look a bit naft but I can fix that, I’m hoping.

Still, I’d like to think, from the sentimental side, my friend might be glad to preserve this, since her father has passed away.