19 Apr 2009

Summit 101

It’s a little too much for me to take in at the moment… the Summit that is. The news, the blogs… everything is about the Summit (and how Obama reach quite in Trinidad). Everything else got pushed to minute articles, or left out altogether.

Not that I mind hearing about the big event, but for me it is getting to be a bit too much. Reminds me of an incident in my father’s  childhood he told me about.

My great-grandmother, my father’s grandmother for those who have not yet made the connection, used to make what we call ‘paynoos’ from cow’s milk. This is a sweetened cheese-like (and delicious!) dish (a type of curd) made best from the first milk the cow produces after giving birth, the richest milk.

One day, she made an entire basin, and my dad, being a little kid fond of the sweet, took a bit out of the basin. My great-grandmother, who had made it for sale, was rightly ticked off and under threat of a good cut tail, made my dad eat the entire basin. (I am not arguing the merits or demerits of her behaviour; this blog is not about that).

Anyway, dad got so sick of the sweet that for the rest of his life, till the day he died, I can’t ever recall seeing him eat any, even though he made for us many a time.

Well, the Summit is bringing a similar feeling in me. I am getting a tad fed up of all the furore and pomp, especially since I know that after all the big blowhards done fart, the only thing that will happen will be the smell lingering till the next breeze comes.

Is it because I am sitting so far removed from all the activity… or maybe because I expect so little to come of it, but I can hardly be as enthusiastic as the rest of the media seem to be.