15 Apr 2009

The Summit

There is a tale of old that has made its way over the Internet hundreds of times; a story of some frogs, or as we call them in Trinidad and Tobago, crapauds.

The story is that the frogs had a contest, to climb to the summit of a certain tall tower. As the race began, one by one the spectators murmured, “They can’t do it; it’s too tall!”

Pretty soon the murmurs became open and loud cries till finally the crowd was shouting that it couldn’t be done. And one by one, the contestants heard the cries from below and despaired, and dropped from the face of the rock, never having seen the summit or coming close.

But one little crapaud, a little older and more sly and more determined than the rest, kept silently on, mustering his strength and plodding on heedless of the shouts around him. And eventually he stood on the summit.

When he was asked how he did it, he only said: “ My name is Patrick!”