17 Apr 2009

Washecongs are back!

April 09 009

Remember way back when in Trinidad when we had plastic shoes like these we called ‘washecongs’? The first time I saw one of these, it was on the feet of the fisherman who passed round the village selling fish from a tray on his bicycle. He used to wear a silver metallic hard hat too.

They were made from plastic and were great for working in wet conditions where the water just drained out from them if they got wet, like on the decks of boats, on the sea shore pulling seine etc.

Well, as you can see they are coming back in style. They are currently very popular in Birmingham (and London too, I heard) and come in many different colours. The difference is that now these aren’t the ‘old-time’ plastic I remember, but rather a soft flexible and light Styrofoam sort of material.

Very expensive too, for such a ‘cheaply’ made object.