18 Apr 2009

Which fictional character are you?

Have you ever read a book, or an article, and identified closely with one of the characters? I have.

I first read Great Expectations (by Charles Dickens) some 2½ decades ago; and till today it has remained my favourite book of all times. Why this is I cannot say, but I know I identified a lot with Phillip ‘Pip’ Pirrip.

Great Expectations is not a ‘feel good’ book. I remember when I first read it, I was in a funk for days; it was required reading for Literature. Yet somehow, every time I picked it up as I grew older, I discovered the same pleasure in reading, and in identifying with some of the major characters, especially Pip.

I haven’t read it for some time now, having been busy with other things, but since I do have a copy lying about, I think I will refresh my mind wit this great classic.

For readers of this blog who have never head of AJ Cronin, I recommend him as one of my favourite authors. I first read The Green Years when I was about 8 or 9, and it too stuck in my mind. When I was able to purchase my own copy (his books are somewhat hard to come by) I was able once again to flit back in time briefly to my enjoyable youth, spending my time devouring anything I could lay my hands upon.