7 May 2009

A beautiful day

Today is a nice hot day… 16°C. Ha, imagine a Trini saying that, eh?

Anyway, I did my laundry, hung it outside, cleaned the house, pulled the weeds from my garden and sat on my door stoop to enjoy the sun.

Had my camera with me and  a little entertainment going on the speaker system (Brian Silas), so I decided might as well go the whole hog so to speak.


That was my refreshment… one of several.

all yellows

This pretty sight was directly opposite where I was sitting on the stoop.

Pretty bloom

This little beauty was by my left ankle when I was on the stoop, in my garden.


The far left is the cherry blossom, (the trunk you see) and the droopy plant is a birch. My Canon has a special “Foliage” mode that supposed to enhance plants, which is what I used in this shot. Must be my natural skills cause I am not seeing any difference from:

Pencil flower

This was taken in “normal” mode. This flower looks like a multitude of brightly coloured pencil shavings.

The view

This was the view on my right side.

Now to make some channa and alloo and some buss-up shot for dinner…