6 May 2009

Circus of clowns

Well, one part of the controversy ends… McFarlane resigned his post on the Integrity Commission.

Now I have to ask this… can a man claim to be appointed to a post if he doesn’t qualify for appointment? Since he didn’t qualify in the first place, how can he be appointed, and therefore ‘resigns’?

I tell you, Trinidad and Tobago is a daily circus of clowns and clownish behaviour led by Ringmasters Max and Manning, oui.

In other news, in the chess game of State vs Bakr, Bakr opens with a mighty ‘gangsta’ move, submitting an affidavit citing agreements between Bakr and the PM. The State countered with a Privy Council defence that ruled that the Gangsta opening is null and void and remains an imaginary thing between the PM and Bakr, and does not have relevance in the game.

Will Bakr have to forfeit the prize? No doubt we will see some fine wriggling and slick manoeuvring in days to come.