1 May 2009

Coconut bake and education

Ah yes, yesterday was a day to remember. First, I had to take Punks to her new secondary school. It doesn’t seem so bad, but then again, the entire secondary school system in England does need an overhaul (a sentiment I may add, many people working within the system does not share).

I am not pleased with how I see Punks being taught at primary level either, and I have seen her run into difficulties by how she was taught… errors I have had to correct at home. I know they are errors because I have seen her performance increase dramatically when they are corrected.

Unfortunately, the regulations set forth by the Gov’t (based upon advice by educators) say this is the best way forward, so the entire population for the past 2 generations have been ‘dumbed down’. Further dumbing down is planned, as can be evidenced by keeping an eye upon the BBC news. This is also evidenced by the excellent performance of students from so-called Third World countries who are deemed to be ‘backwards’ in their education systems and yet  come here and surpass all natives in their drive and successes.

Punks new secondary school is Catholic (groan) but since we have little choice in where she was placed, we accept the fact that she now has to do her best. Thankfully, I will still be around to help her.

Her induction was a painless process in so far as it went, but then again, at induction, we see the best face of the school (or any organisation). The best spin is put forth, and the parents and kids are all hyped into thinking the school they are attending is the best thing since sliced bread (or coconut bake). Me? I reserve judgement till I see the performance of the teachers.

Anyway, the school is located on a popular bus route, and not too far away.

After the induction, I took her to see the new Wolverine movie, which I found extremely entertaining. Punks certainly enjoyed it, being one of the more animated viewers.