10 May 2009

The Commission’s decommissioned

Well, Gladys Gafoor, the sole remaining member of the Integrity Commission has also resigned. The other member resigned on Friday.

On Friday, chartered accountant Lylla Bada, 66, handed in letters of resignation to the commission and to the Office of the President. In an exclusive interview with Newsday, which was published yesterday, Bada announced her resignation. She, however, declined to reveal why she resigned only saying she was resigning for personal reasons. Bada would not say whether her resignation was related to the imbroglio which has engulfed the commission since May 1, and noted that she was “a private person”.

Could it be that Bada also has skeletons in the closet she is afraid may be revealed? It must have been a shock to the members to realise that they were scrutinised to the level which some were, though truthfully, none were ever even closely investigated... all the facts were already out in the public domain.

I find this sentence intriguing though:

On Friday, Bada, who has served as UWI campus bursar under Richards when he was UWI principal, quietly resigned.

A case of cronyism? A favour from Max?  I expect close ties in that time working together, so this appointment is really suspect now in light of that relation. Max is still on his vacation, and despite repeated calls for him to return and share his state of mind when he made the appointments, he is still ducking and running as it were.

Gladys Gafoor is now gone, one will never know the real reason, though it was given out that she is clearing the way for a new Commission.

Given the amendments the Gov’t (read Papa-tricks) want it the Integrity Act, one wonders why bother having a Commission at all, since it becomes even more toothless… but that is a whole new post someday.

Oddly enough, this resignation en masse is a rare event, where the members of an appointed body didn’t have skins of crapaud leather and obviously felt some public shame and embarrassment.