27 May 2009

A conman on a different level

You know, as I mentioned in my previous post, I seeing things now. Specifically, conspiracies.

I mean, what else you go say about appointing a reputed conman and a tief as a senator?

Smith was charged with fraud in October 2007 as well as six charges of breaching court orders in relation to a domestic squabble which was eventually settled. However, his fraud matter is still ongoing. "That matter is still going on, it's still in Couva. I think it comes up on the June 9," Smith told Newsday yesterday.

Max in de middle of the controversy again, won’t you know? Is Max appoint de man, on advice of Panday though (I go be unfair and without Integrity if I eh mention that!).

So not for the first time, Panday skirting with less than reputable characters, yet he have the gall to cal Papa-tricks to account for his associates… but that is a whole other story someday.

But coming back to this matter, Max still compounding his mistakes?

AMONG the first acts of President George Maxwell Richards upon his return to Trinidad and Tobago from a controversial vacation was the appointment of the former leader of the now defunct Laventille for Laventillians party, Lennox Smith, as a temporary senator.

Again, we have Max with a skin of crapaud leather, and Smith without basic decency and integrity enough to stand down until his matter is settled.

I bet is only Trinidad and Tobago this could happen.