27 May 2009

Conspiracy theories

I don’t know why, but these days is like I seeing conspiracy theories everywhere.

I mean, this morning, I wake up to see a big headline: AG QUITS.

The article explains that “Bridgid Annisette-George has decided to demit office… / …for personal reasons decided to leave the Cabinet”.

Now, I am not going to speculate on those personal reasons, but a few thoughts did occur to me… that have nothing at all to do with ‘personal’  reasons.

  • Was she the one who secretly advised Papa-tricks and thus Max and so we ended up with that IC fiasco?
  • Is this move an endeavour to divert the public’s attention away from Max and wanting his head on a silver platter (since his head is already silver, and might not be seen, I opt for a black platter in keeping with his actions)?
  • Is the AG being the ‘sacrificial lamb’?

Now check this out…. the replacement is former AG John Jeremie. I know, some people are going to argue that the man has experience etc.

  • Me, I remember he was waaaayy too cosy with Papa-tricks.
  • I remember he is the man who starred in the plot to sack former Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma.
  • And the man who was advising both buyer and seller in the corrupt Sherman McNicolls’ land deal, even to the extent of having private conversations.
  • He was the man who advised McNicolls not to testify in the Sat Sharma trial.
  • The man who brokered the agreement to jail Panday (and probably charge Panday under the Integrity Act – Panday remains the only so charged out of over 200 persons who failed to comply with the Act).
  • He was complicit in that $110M deal with Andre Monteil.

All in all, John Jeremie has been behind, either as an instigator or an active participant, in some of the most nefarious plots of the PNM in the past 5 years. I only remembered some…

And this is the man who is coming back.

So the conspiracy theorist in me suggests that he is being recalled to provide some sort of schemish tactics to protect Calder Hart and prepare for the outcome of the Enquiry. At least, that is one of the more open reasons.

Another might be that he is to find a way to ‘protect’ the property of Abu Bakr, now that the Privy Council has ruled that his agreement with Papa-tricks is illegal and null and void. Hey, Papa-tricks may need the old Abu in the next election again you know, and so it won’t do to alienate him just yet. Maybe Jeremie has to negotiate alternative property/assets, so that an outward show of taking from the Muslimeen will be seen, but behind-the-scenes giving might be taking place.

Who know, eh?  I keeping my eye on this one. But I still ent forget Max and he resignation that has to come.