10 May 2009

English Language XX

I cringed when I read this letter in the Guardian, proudly signed by NYC Trini:

I feel that we all understand the boom-bust cycles. I feel that for the first cycle it was a learning opportunity. Information of any type should be recieved, process, used or discarded. The response's quality determins the head's qualities.

But, what do you call a student that can not learn from the past even when the new case is a near repition of the old? 'Smart', or 'Stupid"?

What do you call a student that refuese to listen to repeated clear professional advice? Is it 'Arrogrant', or 'Ignorant'?

What do you call a student that is in denial of reality. 'Even minded" or 'Prejusiced'.

What do you call a student that when under questioning for possible theaft, can not his fax right? a tief, a lier, or an honest person?

One must ask, is it just one person. Or is it a system of people taking instruction from one person.

The final question. Whay do you call a people who are fooled over and over and do nothing about it? What do you call a person who is spoken down to as if ignorant, over, and over and over, in spite of the obvious? Crime, recession, spending plans?