11 May 2009

Less integrity than I thought

Now we know the real reason Gladys Gafoor resigned, that she had skeletons in the closet, namely the bones of her dead husband whom it seems, was her chauffeur long after he was dead.

I find it amazing that “Justice Mira Dean-Amorer ruled that it was illegal for the Registrar to withhold direct payment of the chauffeur allowance to Gafoor” in light of the fact that she still listed a dead man as her employee and the pay records still so reflected.

But as the article says, Gladys Gafoor won her case hands down, apparently by the judge ignoring this little point at the expense of having that little two-tier law system functioning.

The judge said the driver was essentially Gafoor's employee and she was entitled to pay him directly.

Huh? How do you pay a dead man? More worms? Incense to get rid of the smell? I am curious, aren’t you? Apparently she paid him from 12th September 1995 (date of death) to October 31, 2001, when she hired a new chauffeur after being caught.

In other news, Martin Daly once again displays similar thinking to myself: He calls for the resignation of the President for the same reasons I did.

Now we only have to wait, it seems, until the skeletons of Ms Bada rattles.