7 May 2009

Like a backyard tief

I just don’t know nah,,, dis Integrity Commission like it cursed, a real zeppy get laid on it.

Now the Chairman, the devout RC priest, the man who studied ethics and thing, get caught lifting articles from more reputable writers for his own newspaper columns.

In a column titled "The colour of intelligence", published on December 24, 2007 in the Trinidad Guardian, he copied 300-plus out of 1,000 words (and took four of his seven arguments) from an op-ed [sic] piece in the New York Times written on December 9 by psychologist Richard E. Nesbitt. Most recently, on April 13, 2009, in a piece titled "The financial crisis and ethics deficit', Mr Charles lifted virtually in toto [sic] a column written by Catholic scholar Darrin Belousek and published in America: the National Catholic Weekly on March 30.

Nah man, where is the integrity? He says it’s the pressures of deadlines… trust me, ask any university student about the pressures of deadline and we could tell you all about it. And on top of that, we cyah plagiarise!

Now dis man study law too eh and is a qualified lawyer, and have PhD and ting from places like Yale and Harvard, that they so proudly print in de papers for the whole world to see, and now he coming out like a closet tief. You know like how it have one man in de village always so prim and proper and when yuh ketch yuhself he is de man tiefing all dem panty from the backyard lines?

Like I say, is like ah obeahman put a zeppy on this IC. Either that, or Papa-tricks seer ‘oman doing something now.

Breaking news: I hear the man just resign… I have to check this….