22 May 2009

Losing it

I am very absent-minded. When I say ‘very’, I really do mean very.

In my younger days when I came home from work, I used to put my wallet and car keys where I thought I’d find them the next day. Of course, I never did.

My youngest brother, who was a mere teen at the time, used to charge me $5 to get them for me. Seriously, I suspect he hid them from me for that fiver. He made good money, I can tell you.

Today, I went to the hospital for my clinic appointment. I went to the clinic clerk, handed in my appointment letter – which I did not lose because I stored it under my keyboard! – and waited to be booked in.

Several minutes passed while she tried to find my appointment on the computer.

“Ah!”, I thought, “Computer glitch. I can understand that.”

Then she turned to me. I beamed in expectancy.

“Mr …. , Did you notice your appointment is on the 22nd of June?”


That’s not the worst of it, eh. Have I mentioned before that I went to work at my previous job, walking through City Centre (of the second biggest city in the UK, the City Centre being the busiest part of the city, where the shopping, train stations, etc are located)…

… wearing one white sneaker, and one black steel-tipped boot?

I did this not once or twice, but several times. Finally my sis started checking my feet on mornings before I left home.

Serious talk!