19 May 2009

The new toilet roll coming

URBAN DEVELOPMENT Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) executive chairman Calder Hart should be investigated for possible criminal acts with respect to the award of contracts, including the billion-dollar Brian Lara Stadium, lead attorney for the Joint Consultative Council (JCC), Alvin Fitzpatrick SC, says…

…He added that the very worst fears of the JCC had been confirmed as to the "wholly and unsatisfactory, reckless and arguably corrupt manner in which UDeCOTT has been run at the expense of the public at large".

However, on three occasions, Commissioner Israel Khan SC pointed out to Fitzpatrick that the remit of the commission is to submit a report to the President, who will then hand it to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

Khan stressed that the Prime Minister and the Executive can then do whatever they desired with the report.

"They could throw it in the dustbin, they could put it on a shelf, they could send it to the DPP... it is not for us to determine," Khan said.

So why then are we spending millions of dollars for this enquiry? Is the report to be used in place of toilet rolls, as so happen to be frequently in short supply in various Government offices? Won’t it have been easier to spend the money on toilet rolls in the first place, and have at least, some clean arses?