21 May 2009

Not that greedy

We've all heard of milkmen adding water to milk. Madho was one such man. His customers knew but were helpless. There was no other milkman in the locality.

One day as Madho was about to start on his rounds in the morning, there was a flash of light and a godly being stood before him.

Madho cowered in fright.

"Why do you add water to milk, Madho?" asked the god.

"I...I..." stammered Madho.

"Speak up!" said the god.

"I-I do it to increase the quantity of milk so that I can make more money, Lord," said Madho.

The god waved his hand and a can of milk identical to the one Madho was carrying appeared before him.

"Behold!" said the deity, "I have given you another can of milk. You now have double the quantity of milk you got from your cows, this morning."

Madho thanked the god profusely and picking up the can, started walking. He took a few steps and stopped.

"Yes?" asked the god. "Is there anything more you want?"

"I was wondering," said Madho, "If you could..."

"Yes! You want another can of milk?" asked the god, kindly.

"No...No!" protested Madho. "I'm not that greedy... just give me another can of water.

I was trying to think what this story reminded me off when I first read it. Then it struck me: no matter what happens, PNM ministers find a way to increase their income a la Calder Hart.