9 May 2009

Out about observing

Petty pilferer

The bird in the middle of the photo is a magpie, seen frequently around where I live. Though it doesn’t look so in the photo, this magpie is about the size of a large pigeon or medium chicken, and is typical of the birds seen here… most are larger than the birds in the tropics for some reason.

high flyer

Whilst not a magpie, I also spotted this high flyer this morning.


I didn’t get the name of this lovely flower, but I will post it here later on; my neighbour who knows the name is not at home at the moment. [ It is called… Clematis (Montanas Rubens)].

Strange plant

This afternoon I was walking in the car park and saw these strange leaves peeking out of a hedge. The plant is rather prickly, but is about chest high, which makes it ideal for a protective hedge, I suppose.


This hanging basket caught my attention as I was returning from a little shopping.