24 May 2009


Some time ago, political pressure was brought upon by the State’s foremost Christian, aka Papa-tricks, to bear on 2 ‘journalists’ who were less than professional on the radio airwaves. He took exception to their biased comments during a newscast and was reportedly so incensed, that after leaving his barber he flew to the station, sirens of his escort screaming all the way, to have his friend, the manager/owner of the station, ‘manners’ the 2 wayward minions.

Political pressure at its best? Not hardly. We then had the episode where the same Christian, in most a un-Christian lie, had a police duncey under manners too. The duncey lost his job.

Now we have a situation where a ‘whistle-blower’ who exposed a corrupt priest for plagiarism is fired by his employers for this act, significantly so since this priest was a ‘golden pick’ for the position by political appointment.

Who tell he do dat? He (whistle-blower) arse get blackened, even more than it already was from his truthful but less-than-acceptable stance over the years.

So in a case that befuddles the mind, the one with the integrity to expose a wrong, is pressured by the ones who are without said integrity. A marvellous, if upside down, world indeed.

The funny thing is, these men and women in positions such as these swear an oath that, although it is one, is actually twofold.

They swear on a religious book that they ‘believe in’, most likely the ones Christians live their lives by, thus swearing to do right by ‘God’. Then the oath itself is a legally binding contract – or is it?

A President under pressure to resign, but with skin like crapaud leather, he ent going nowhere. Will pressure be brought to make him take a hike? Hardly likely. Some things, like coal, harden under pressure, even if they do not become any more valuable.

Yes, is pressure all round. Some days, if it wasn’t for the pressures of living, I’d not even get out of bed.