2 May 2009

A question of Integrity

Oooh, the clot thickens…

The Prez has appointed new members to the Integrity Commission after the questionable integrity of the past members forced them out some time ago.

Now the whole issue has a lot of ‘iffy’ little conundrums about it. One can wonder what exactly is in the mortar besides the pestle, so to speak. Regular readers of this blog may know my suspicions get raised when the wind blows and the kilt raises.

My first little bit of scepticism came from the period of time that it took to appoint a new commission. The old one reigned en masse in February, and it took old Max until April 9th to write to the Leader of the Opposition to name prospects. Okay, a month and a half to find people willing to serve, then our cacahole Opposition Leader loses the letter from Max, and thus a new Commission was appointed without his input (as if that made any difference).

Today, 2 things aroused my suspicions that this new Commission may not be as unblemished as the country hopes.

One, the Express reveals that the Deputy Chairman is a sitting board member of 3 State companies. Not only that… the 3 companies coincidentally has Calder Hart as the Chairman or Chief Honcho… so Hart is his boss. Hmm, the man who is allegedly the most corrupt man in the country being your boss, and you may have to decide on matters that involve him and his cronies… I love it… we getting better by the minute here.

Two, the Guardian reveals another member resigned mere hours after being appointed. Justice Zainool Hosein (a man known for his integrity in the past) has resigned because of ‘personal reasons’.

Okay, the article makes out that he resigned because he was promised the Deputy Chairman post which went instead to Hart’s minion. This I don’t believe fully… Hosein has in the past been a man who earned his credible reputation, and something this petty seems out of kilter with what is known about him.

Is it then perhaps he has been very conscionable and resigned because he objects to the Hart’s heart being appointed? This may be more likely believed, at least to me.

The only question in my mind now is: How soon before we see this questionable member removed?