13 May 2009

The Sculptor

I gave some thought to the craftsman, the sculptor, this morning. The sculptor sits with his block of marble, and slowly and patiently, chips away bit by bit to reveal the true nature of his creation. There must be smoothing and polishing to get it right.  Depending on the vision of the sculptor and his skill, this could either be a thing of beauty or a horrible caricature of a thing of beauty.

Now, it might seem a bit odd to compare this to the PNM, but I have to say, it is a close similarity. I see, over the period of time that the PNM has been in power under Papa-tricks, that it has slowly but surely been chipping away at the Constitution, at the available rights of the population, and getting bolder as time goes by without opposition.

Take for example, the subtlety with which the Government is using its majority to take away certain comforts from the people, to bully them into compliance (like the Tobacco Bill or the new Integrity Bill about to be passed).

But then again, I shouldn’t complain on behalf of the people. After all, they like it so, that’s why they voted for them. I hope they like it so 3 years from now too.