29 May 2009

The true conflict of interest

This post is pure speculation. There are no facts to back it up, there is no evidence to suggest anything untoward – except the words of the Prime Minister.

Asked to give details about the specific conflict of interest involving Annisette-George, the Prime Minister said: "It is not appropriate to elaborate on the conflict of interest (issue) because some of these matters could end up in the courts. I don't want to name individuals. There is no point in doing that. Just take the word of the Prime Minister.”


The Prime Minister, in his fatherly wisdom, determines that the matter is so serious, it could end up in court, and yet, he decides that the AG should resign instead of the individuals facing justice?

He chooses to hide possible criminal acts (of his colleagues?) instead of opting for transparency and openness?

Why should we take his word when we have caught him in many un-Christian lies? Remember when he said the draft constitution wasn’t his? Remember poor PC Auguste who was fired when the Prime Minister stretched the truth to breaking point? So many examples…

Is he protecting the PNM, or PNM members from the brunt of the legal system? Is the Prime Minister sanctioning breaking the laws of the land? Is this the true conflict of interest, whereby he displays to us he is unfit to hold office?

I don’t know about the rest of the country and the world, but I’d prefer to see arses hauled before the courts, especially in light of so serious a matter.