1 Jun 2009


On Tuesday past, Punks turned 11. Since her party was scheduled for yesterday, Tuesday promised to be a rather dull day. So I decided to liven it up a bit for her.

We had a father/daughter day, in the kitchen.

After almost 15 years, I tried my hand at baking. Well, I instructed Punks to try her hand, really. This is what she came up with.

Lemon cake

She made a lemon cake, recipe taken from the second edition of the Naparima Girls’ cookbook. The icing at the top was done according to my sister’s directions (conference call through Skype).


She then had a most excellent time with her friends, scooping up the excess icing and getting rid of it. (^_^)

On Tuesday (her birthday), we cut the cake with some of her friends. It was a whole lot more delicious than we expected, (^_^) and was soon gone.