14 Jun 2009

And once more...

Perhaps it is not just a coincidence but yesterday I wrote about the unlikely defence by Israel Khan of John Jeremie’s actions and crossing swords with DPP G Henderson.

It is therefore with some amusement that I see the Express has supported my view that Israel Khan had self-serving interest when he defended John Jeremie. I mentioned yesterday the lucrative contracts given to Israel. Today's at That Express reveals that there were several more in the pipeline to prosecute as a special prosecutor in some of the most high profile cases in Trinidad.

The fees for these would have been phenomenal.

One can only wonder what is the special relationship between John Jeremie and Israel Khan. Or between Patrick and Khan. This relationship now makes me suspect his position on the board of enquiry into the construction sector.

It is interesting to note that the Express mentions that it has in its possession, a "bundle of papers". The coincidence of these being presented to the Express shortly after Brigid Anissette-George was fired seems a bit much. Either I am seeing conspiracy theories again, or someone really likes that lady.