25 Jun 2009


The 3 daily newspapers have these screaming headlines this morning. The story is that the wife of a soldier, in process of having her car hijacked, drove into the compound of the West End Police station (ironically, reviewed by Martin Joseph as one of top 5 ‘model’ stations), in hopes of some safety.

Safety my arse.

The woman was shot on the compound, by all accounts. And by the time the dunceys responded and came out of the building, the perpetrators (3) had “jumped over the station's wall and made their escape in a waiting black Nissan Almera”.

Oddly enough, despite the lack of manpower so often quoted as a reason why dunceys can’t respond to a crime (sometimes in progress),  “within seconds scores of police officers ran out of the station and rushed to Daniel's aid.”

A ‘score’ by the way is 20; which makes me wonder what exactly is meant by ‘scores’ in that sentence. 2 score? 3? 4? Or an inaccuracy perhaps of a ‘duncey’ reporter?

Contacted yesterday, acting Deputy Police Commissioner Gilbert Reyes said the country had witnessed a "new and heinous level" of lawlessness. "It is a very sad day when a citizen cannot drive into a police station and seek help to be safe," he said. "That goes to show the country has reached a different kind lawlessness."

I don’t know about “when a citizen cannot drive into a police station and seek help to be safe”. I know it is a sad day when a citizen cannot obtain help from a police station, but that has been a way of life ever since I can remember.

As usual, Martin Joseph, James Philbert et al remain clueless and as stupid as ever.

One can only guesstimate where and when the public’s patience will be at an end.