4 Jun 2009

Duncey outdoes past records

I have to say, every time I think nothing a duncey will do could surprise me, I have to eat my words (or thoughts) because some duncey will come out and do something so infinitely dotish, you wonder how the hell Darwin ever saw “Survival of the fittest” in evolution.

I mean, take this duncey for example:

Female police officer Gillian Grogen charged Roma Sieunarine with seven charges, including her failure to produce her car insurance and driver's permit.

…the wrong law was used. Seunarine was only found guilty of parking in a no-parking zone, but was only reprimanded and discharged.

Bassaw [the magistrate] was also critical of the conduct of Grogen, who was alleged to have slapped Seunarine some 80 times during the altercation.

Is a wonder that Sieunarine woman ent buss some heavy hand on the duncey… then again, she must still have a lil ‘respect’ for them idiots. But to get slap 80 times?! Dat woulda be one duncey beating up on de ground if was me, yes.

This duncey break all past records for stupidity oui.