1 Jun 2009

For the good of all

There was a battle going on (via a series of letters) between the AG John Jeremie, and the then DPP Geoffrey Henderson.

Oddly enough, I haven’t seen an explanation, nor can think of one, as to why Jeremie was writing , or corresponding with  High Court Judge Humphrey Stollmeyer who was investigating Shermie’s corrupt land deal. That investigation is supposed to be fair, and unbiased, without influence of any sort. By the way, where is the report?

Once again, I point out that Jeremie has been in the middle of the most corrupt practices of the PNM for the past few years, and his actions make it in no way uncertain that he is defending cronies like Shermie, like Monteil, etc., to the point where he actually is breaking a few laws along the way.

Reason enough to resign, or be impeached for the good of us all.