6 Jun 2009

He said he said (not she said)

You know, ever since Keith Rowley challenged Pa-trick for the top spot in the PNM, Pa-trick has been gunning for the poor man’s head. No joke. I mean, it is well documented that the man was reported to the Gordon Deane Integrity Commission which was receiving political instructions.

Rowley challenged the IC in court, which found that the IC acted with ‘malfeasance’. In other words, the IC was guilty of carrying out political directives which were deliberately designed and intended to ‘get’ Rowley.

All this over accusations that Rowley tief gravel from the Scarborough Hospital building site and channelled it to his wife’s building site at Landate, promptly earning Rowley a new nickname in some quarters. So, the issue became null and void, no further investigations were done and that matter was never completely explained. We will never know where the gravel went.

Then, (and still continuing) the Maximum Leader (no, not Max), made allegations that Rowley tief $10M from the Cleaver Heights project while he was line Minister in charge. Three (count them) separate investigations are currently going on into that (never mind Calder Hart ‘tief’ a lot more through UDeCOTT projects via overruns etc).

Getting back to Rowley though (we don’t want to get sidetracked by Hart), we hear that somehow (oh, sooo surprising!) AG John Jeremie was involved. This man like runny diarrhoea - everywhere!

Rowley seems to be intent on providing the shovel for the Maximum Leader (no, not Max) to bury him though.

Hear Rowley:

…Rowley's claim that Jeremie once said: "They ain't have nothing on you. I have seen the file and it's an innocuous file; they have nothing on you'"

This is a direct quote, which means you are attributing that the man said these words to you. But then after:

"He said I am not lying but then he goes on to make a denial of having seen the report. I never said he saw the file. What I said was that he told me about the file," Rowley said.

Eh? In one quote you said (he said) he saw the file, now you backtracking and saying you never said he saw it? You only saying he said he saw it?

He said he said (not she said)… this is the game we getting from members of our Parliament time and time again, like Max (no, not Maximum Leader) and Father Charles who said Max (no, not Maximum Leader) said ‘is no big ting’ (on the issue of plagiarism), that Zainool said Max (no, not Maximum Leader) said he was going to be Deputy Chairman… Blimey, where does it end?

Now, politricks is a dirty business with a morality of its own but this is all getting to be a bit more confusing than I can handle. As Punks recently told me after I celebrated another birthday… “Dad, you were officially old last year, this year you’re sliding over the hill.”