26 Jun 2009

How to handle crime

There are certain things that do not make sense no matter what level you think of them. A bandit shooting a woman on a compound of a  station, and a model one at that, does not make sense. But that happened.

I know some may be thinking that if could happen it must be a one-off freak accident. I am not so sure. This blog has been in existence for about two years, during which time I have seen changes in Trinidad and Tobago. Things have gotten a lot worse since this blog has started.

Despite the changes to the worse, the ‘solutions’ to the problem remained the same. For the crime situation:

  • Keep the same Minister of National Security, no matter how incompetent he is.
  • Extending the service of the same incompetent Commissioner of Police.
  • Beg the public to behave.
  • Pray for crime to cease.
  • Hold weekly press conferences.
  • Don’t ever apologise.
  • Express no sympathy.
  • Visit no one, especially victims.
  • Avoid the issue, speak of smelters, integration, etc.
  • Travel often, especially to Cuba. Or to unknown European destinations.
  • Ignore everything.

Of course this can apply to nearly every other ministry. We will let it rest here for now.