27 Jun 2009

Mail to the dead

Sometimes the weirdest things happen to me.

I moved into my current residence about 5 years ago. Obviously, people lived here before I moved in. I wrote previous about mail coming in for one Andy Jessop*.

I didn’t mention about the other mail that comes regularly for one I^^ K^^^^^^^^^^^.

I have no idea who he is, so I just kept writing on the mail, “Not resident at address; Return to sender”, and reposting back to where it came from.

Of course the mail just kept coming. One day recently, I showed some to my neighbour, who has lived here for about 15 years. He told me the mail was addressed to a young man who died tragically in a car accident 9 years ago!

So on the next mail, I wrote “Reported Deceased; Not resident at address; Return to sender”.

Alas, I am now getting mail addressed as follows:


Mr I^^ K^^^^^^^^^^^, Deceased. Yes, yes, you too are asking “WTF?”

That’s an actual scan of an envelope with the name and address removed, by the way.