8 Jun 2009

More panoramic views

Canals - Sealife

This panoramic photo is a composite of 6 photos I took as I walked along the canals to city centre. It shows the Sea Life Centre in the middle of the photo and both sides of the canal that flows around it.

It was created using Windows Live® Photo Gallery. I uploaded the original file to Flickr® so anyone may download by clicking on the photo.

Broad Street the Rep

This pano shows the Rep theatre in Broad Street. It was created in Photoshop from 4 photographs. This photo is also on Flickr®.

Tablet 002

This photo shows my PC ‘tablet’ (yes, it a very cheap one, but it gets the job done). With it, I can use the pen to trace, draw etc instead of using a mouse. Gives better control while editing photos, or handwriting into a document.