17 Jun 2009

PNM country 1

I guess one of the beautiful things about Trinidad and Tobago is the ease with which one can get away with crap/shit/dotishness down there.

No matter what aspect of life, public or private, a person can simply ride out bias, cronyism, and the above mentioned crap/shit/dotishness because the population is too busy dying from bullets and stabbing, swine flu and dengue…

Take for example, PNM Senate President Danny Montano . He refers Wade Mark to the Privileges Committee for allegedly “misleading the Senate last week when he said he was cleared by the Health Ministry to attend the Senate.”

Funny no one said anything about Jerry ‘No Dengue’ Narace, Karen T and other PNM members.

The PNM has the majority of members on the Committee so we know the results of this even now.