4 Jun 2009

The quick and the dead

Okay, that’s a morbid title, but I always wanted to use it. Louis L’Amour wrote a book by the same name and the title stuck in my head since my teen years. (^_^)

Last night I was thinking about young talent wasted and the name Heath Ledger came to mind. Every one knows what a talented actor he was and how quickly his star was rising.

Heath Ledger

Sad to say, he was unfortunately gone way too soon from an overdose of prescription drugs.

That got me thinking about some other rising stars gone too soon.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee was the son of Bruce Lee and was accidentally killed on the set of the movie The Crow.

Jon Erik Hexum

Jon Erik Hexum was a fast rising star in the early 1980s when he was also tragically killed (coincidentally also from an accident involving a prop gun).