23 Jun 2009

Some things I noticed today

I haven’t been too keen to blog lately. I have been enjoying the sunshine, my garden and some sleep.

Still, one must express one’s ideas so I thought today I will note down a few points I noticed.

You know here in England, there are TV ads that advertise Red Bull the energy drink. The catch phrase is ‘Red Bull gives you wings’.

I realised about an hour ago it is crime that gives wings though. How do I know this?

A few minutes ago, 4 young males ran through the terrace where I live, then jumped over a 10 feet wall at the end… the very fit policeman on the other hand, who was in hot pursuit, had to use a plastic bin to step on to jump onto the wall. These guys just flew over… maybe they could have represented their home country in the Olympics.

The root of the matter was that these youths stole a car, and when pursued, they pulled into the car park (and rammed a neighbour’s car in the process) and fled on foot.

The second thing I noticed is the dengue statistics in Trinidad.

“…the number of deaths reported is at least 40, with some 9000 cases reported since January 2008.”

I wonder if Jerry ‘The Joker’ Narace sees a problem now?

And to talk about how they’re treating patients with swine flu… that is a whole other story.

Anyway, tomorrow is garbage day; I’m off to throw out some junk.