12 Jun 2009

Stricken off the record... again

As I have repeated on several occasions in the past, this blog was started to give myself a voice, especially when the newspapers refused to print my letters that are critical of articles that they write.

For example this morning, I wrote a comment on the Guardian's website, on an article about the Entertainment Company.

My comment was basically wondering about the ethnic composition of people receiving gratis from this company. I notice that the examples given were all soca artists, so I was wondering how many chutney or rapso or steel band or Shouter Baptist or dancers etc. would be allowed an opportunity for funding to travel, same as the examples given.

For the past three decades (that I know of) programs that highlight talents of Afro-Trinidadians have been given government funding (Best Village) while Indo-Trinidadian programs (Mastana Bahar) have relied on private funding.

Perhaps it would be interesting to request this information under the Freedom of Information Act.